Rude Boy Abroad is a blog about Japan, featuring journal-style entries about daily life, occasional critical analysis, and observations on topics such as language-learning, survival in a foreign culture, and all the things that make Japan a great country. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think. If you've been involved in this stuff a while we can swap stories, and if you're a newcomer eager for information you can learn from my mistakes, or at least take comfort in them.

I've been studying Japanese language culture with all my power since 2004, have accompanied two civic delegations to our sister city, and spent a semester here in high school. 90% of my daily effort is expended in trying to make friends with Japanese people and see to their needs, which I have serviced as Vice President of my university's Japanese Club. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, I began this blog to write down my experiences studying abroad to Kyouto, and am currently striving to return.

I am not a Jamaican gangster, nor am I even particularly impolite. The blog's title is tribute to the song of the same name by Canadian reggae band Bedouin Soundclash.


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