Friday, 15 March 2013

Toukyou Tower

Today is heavy on rest and light on sightseeing, but I do cross two important items off my list. Remember how I said I was going to gather a signature item from every Pokemon Centre in Japan? I wasn't kidding about that. What I didn't realise at the time was that every single item in the Pokemon Centres is limited. So by the time I actually collect all of them, they'll be from completely different sets. At first I thought that kind of ruined it, but then I decided that in a way, it kind of makes it better. It's a more personal collection; you could get the exact same stuff as everybody else who completes the set, but this way, it ends up being a representation of what each store was selling at the time that you visited. Sure, the result will lack consistency, but it will have character.

I also got bummed out when I thought this meant that I wouldn't be able to complete my Eevee doll collection, since they aren't being produced anymore. Guess what though.

Yeah, I spent a lot of money this day.
Jealous? I even pick up a sitting Efii to maybe replace the one that has trouble standing. Would have done it for all of them except that the sitting versions are an earlier run and so most of them look like shit. The only one I couldn't find was Showers, but...I still have hope.

With the important part accomplished, we head over to Tokyo Tower, just because it's conveniently nearby. Soymilk's lived here six months and he's never even been. He's worried we might not be able to find it. Think about that.

Once on the Main Observation Deck, we have to decide whether or not to advance another 100 metres skyward. Soymilk figures we might as well go for it. To be perfectly straight with you, I can't say I recommend it. It's great, sure, but it's just not 600 yen more impressive than the Main Deck.

But, pretty though,  not denying that.
Soymilk: So your Japanese is better than mine now, hey?
Rude Boy: Nah.
Soymilk: You keep using words I don't know. And not just Kansai-ben. 同じく」
Rude Boy: “Likewise.” Funny you would bring that up here in particular, since I learned it from Sailor Moon.

I think this might be Sanchoume?!
Soymilk: If I were going to commit suicide, jumping off the top of Tokyo Tower seems like a pretty good method. Think I could get through the glass, or do they reinforce it so people don't try stuff like that?
Rude Boy: I don't think you could just defenestrate yourself, no. Maybe if you threw something heavy at it, like that lectern over there. Even regular glass is harder than you think, though.
Soymilk: I'm just worried the fall wouldn't kill me right away. Like I'd still be alive for ten seconds or something.
Rude Boy: Ten seconds to think about whatever you wanted to think about.

The staff told me it was probably this one. But I think they might have been bullshitting.
Rude Boy: Do you enjoy stuff like this?
Soymilk: No.
Rude Boy: But can you appreciate why I do?
Soymilk: Yes.
Rude Boy: I love cities, and I love people.
Soymilk: I love cities, and I hate people.
Rude Boy: They tend to go together.

Toukyou Tower is adorable because at least half the people there are couples.

Like this one!
Minutes after I took this photo, the reception girl went over and asked them to stop.

The journey down can take as long as the attraction itself. The elevator takes you up to the second floor of the Main Observation Deck, and you have to walk down to the second, where they have windows in the floor.

Guys guys look. If this glass and these bars suddenly disappear I'll fall to my death. How cool is that?!
The next elevator down leads you to another little area partway up. We trundle around behind a bottleneck of Kansai girls.

Even the security guard pointed out how pretty this lighting is and wanted to make sure we got a shot. Soymilk doesn't believe in photography, though.
There's a big display of miniature Tokyo Towers with the names of yuumeijin, but we didn't catch what they did to deserve it. Hey President, who's this?!

Soymilk: Why the hell are you taking a picture of that? Fuck these stupid Eiffel Towers.
And then we wind down our brief bout of kankou with a round of vegan ramen at Toukyou Eki.

Don't you mean "We eat vegetables to live?"
"Chikyuu" isn't exactly a T, but I'll give it a pass.

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