Friday, 12 October 2012

Hieisan Photoglut

Credit (again) to the ever-wonderful Stupid Ugly Foreigner for inventing the word, though I think it's transmorphilating into a general blog term now.

Towards the base of the mountain, while still travelling on our feet, we came across what looks like a temple-type substance. But there was a workshop nearby where a guy was in the midst of carving temple-type components out of stone, so I have to wonder. But I like to think that if somebody approached the complex in Heian times, this spot or something like it would have been among the first sights they passed, too.

Buddha atop a pillar. Notice how he's surrounded by construction materials.
Another private little spot a ways further up. Stumbling across these hidden, less-seen temples and such is what made the trip so worthwhile.
Fallout: Kyouto.
 I saw it and I had to have it.
I can dig giving Buddha and even animals handkerchiefs and stuff. But that on the right? That's a goddamn pole with goddamn apron on it.
The various areas of the complex are connected by kilometre-high, 90-degree angle staircases.
 In case you get thirsty.
 I lay flat on my back to get this shot. Everyone stared.
"Fuck yeah, bitches!"
This was outside the funeral hall. Any ideas how it works?
 It didn't sit quite right, taking a picture of somebody's grave. Though for some reason posting that same photo on the Internet feels perfectly fine.
 There's a long and winding path between Saitou and one of the Enryakuji sub-areas, lined with these little lantern-looking things. Every one has a different inscription.
 Buddha being tempted by Satan and pleasures of the flesh. You can totally see the one girl's tits, look.
 I really do need to stress that some of the stuff at Hieisan is really old and cool.
 This strange thing sits at the back of Ruridou. Cologne thinks it's a lightning rod.
 Straddling the border.
 Ironically, we found this towards the end of our tour.
The above picture basically sums up Hieisan. Because it's basically these and things like them. Constantly, four hours. Not that I mind, but man are there ever a lot of them.

In any case, I think we can all agree that Hieisan is a hell of a looker.


  1. The red fabric on the statues is supposed to ward off demons...The more you know!

    Also I'm jealous. Find out in the coming weeks if C-Sensei is taking a group there this spring, but if not I have the money so I'm still going. Shes trying to convince me to do a study abroad though, and I might acctually do it ^^ If you can do it I can at least try!

  2. I could say that Buddha himself should be able to ward off demons regardless of the clothes he's wearing, but that would just be obtuse.

    One of the nice things about being late was that Cologne and I were unencumbered by the group and so we ended up being able to find little out-of-the-way spots, and really take our time with the things that interested us. But it would still be pretty amazing with a group, too. In fact, the whole time I kept thinking it would be a great spot to bring city officials who may have already seen the more ubiquitous destinations like Byoudouin and Kinkakuji.

    No reason you can't ;) In fact, I always kind of assumed you were going to, I thought that was the plan.