Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kuramayama photoglut

This set isn't nearly as spectacular as the last one, partly because the subject is less inspiring, and partly because of the conditions under which it was taken. There's still some stuff worth browsing, though. Unfortunately I can't provide much information on most of the things in these photos, so if any of you can shed some light on any of this stuff, by all means let it be known in the comments.


Looks quite similar to one found on Hieisan, doesn't it?

There are a bunch of smaller shrines like this one all the way up the trail. That bridge runs over the drainage ditch that follows the path all the way to the summit.

Pretty trees.

That building to the right apparently houses some kind of tomb-like thing beneath it.

Where Yoshitsune trained with the bird-men.

This building is obviously quite modern; it's a museum of some description.

Natural Soiense Park on Mt Kurama

I would really love to know who shaped this pile of sand, and why, and how.

I almost cut this out because I'm pretty desensitized to this stuff by now, but then I realised that this is something people newer to Japan might be interested in seeing a picture of. Is it?

A kami.

There's a koi pond near the foot of the mountain. They're huge.

90% of my Hi Matsuri photos ended up like this one. The thronging crowds, the constant jostling, the moving targets, the low lighting, the fact that the police were hurrying us along, and the tendency for other viewers to jump in and occupy most of your frame in an equally futile attempt at their own shot...all of this made it quite challenging to take a passable picture.

I like the look of this guy, for some reason.

Kind of unintentionally artistic, isn't it?

Check out that red armour in the background.

Kurama Station has a number of ukiyo-e's depicting scenes from Yoshitsune's life. Here are the most interesting ones. To be perfectly honest, I can't be assed to translate the text; anybody want to give it a try, or draw from your existing knowledge?

Yoshitsune and Benkei battle side by side.

And again.

He's old, but he's ready to go.

I don't know who this is, but she looks pretty sultry. Probably not Yoshitsune's wife, then.

Yoshitsune and Benkei duel.

Yoshitsune and Benkei battle side by side.

Yoshitsune and Benkei duel.

You can clearly see these guys' buttocks, which I never even noticed until Anarchy in the UK pointed it out to me.

Shinto priest.

Night of Fire!


  1. for the sand piles, I think its supposed to represent a sacred mountain.
    Photos look awesome!

    1. Oh cool, thanks for the info. Glad you like them ^-^